11 July Р24 July, 2018 Atri, Italy

(20 July – Concert, 21-23 July – Opera Performances )

24 – 26 July, 2018 Campania, Italy

(Concert Performances)

During the course of the programme, private sessions with our prestigious faculty will be scheduled for participants covering the technical aspects of Italian opera including Italian diction coaching, ensemble and acting training. The staging rehearsals led by our director and faculty will bring together the soloists and the chorus to make our outstanding opera scenes.


Training period 11 July - 25 July

Two weeks of intensive rehearsals will provide a thorough understanding of the participants' roles in the opera. Professional coaching in grasping the Italian language and in acting and staging will be provided during this period.

Cast: 11th July - 25th July
Adult Chorus: 14th July - 25th July
Children Chorus: 17th July - 25th July


Gala concerts 20 July (Atri), 25 July (Campania)

Two gala concerts are scheduled at the end of July. These performances will include opera arias and short opera scenes.

Opera Performances 21- 23 July (Atri)

Three performances of the opera are scheduled at the end of July in Atri. The press and media, leading artists, and artist managers will be invited to join the audience.
*Maurizio’s Opera reserve the right to change the production schedule

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