Maurizio’s Opera Production & Competition

14 July – 30 July, 2017

Napoli, Italy

31 July – 4 August, 2017

Atri, Abruzzo, Italy

Le Nozze di Figaro is one of the most well known, and is also likely the most performed Italian opera in history. Its music is suitable for young singers which makes it the ideal opera through which young singers can acquire the essence of Italian opera. Maurizio’s Production proudly presents a creative production of Le Nozze di Figaro as its premier project! 

The entire production weeks will be on a competition basis as in a real life opera production experience whom the potential main cast candidates will be assessed by the director, conductor, voice masters and the production team members, to decide who will become gold awardees (outstanding main cast on opera stage), silver awardees (outstanding main role on concert stage) and bronze awardees (outstanding choristers on opera stage). Official certificates will be issued to all participants and prize awards will be granted to the gold medal main casts.

We are excited to present our production at the famous Teatro Sannazzaro in Napoli and Teatro Comunale di Atri in Abruzzo, it will be joined by an local professional Italian orchestra.

Please note that a portion of the recitatives in this production will be omitted.

Teatro Comunale di Atri

Teatro Comunale di Atri. It is located at Atri in the Province of Teramo in the Abruzzo region of Italy. In 2001, it had a population of over 11,500. Atri is the setting of the poem, The Bell of Atri, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Its name is the origin of the name of the Emperor Hadrian.

Your time to shine on one of the best stages!

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