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For over two decades, Maurizio di Mattia traveled across the world with the mission to promote authentic Italian opera, particularly in Asia. Through their experience, they have come to understand that while young artists have a strong desire and eagerness to learn, they often lack the basic Italian opera knowledge and its specific needs in performance. Di Mattia have since harboured the vision to bring singers together from around the world who would be eager to learn directly to the birthplace of opera – Italy.

In 2017, Maurizio Di Mattia and Margaret Yim realized their dream by creating a summer masterclass programme to allow young artists to experience authentic Italian culture and opera first hand. 

This Maurizio’s Opera programme aims to develop young singers by educating them the particular staging and dramatic needs required in Italian opera, performing on a professional stage at an Italian opera theatre with authentic props and sets from Teatro di Roma, as well as working with masters in the field in Italy. Participants can expect an enriching summer on their journey to becoming more well-rounded artists and musicians. This in turn, enables them to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to continue advancing their music careers, as well as to return home with their newfound understanding and further promote the Italian art of opera.

Led by our renowned director and conductor, our opera production team is the first that consists of industry-leading masters of orchestras, professional theatres, costumes and sets designs, as well as experienced vocal teachers, all of which make our team one of the finest in Italy. The team’s mission is to provide a platform for young artists and vocal students around the world to experience professional Italian opera productions on stage. This three-week program will be an unforgettable experience and the ideal place for young singers to build up their artistry.

Maurizio di Mattia

Maurizio di Mattia

Honorary Artistic Director

Margaret Yim

Margaret Yim

Managing Director | Assistant Director

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